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police and admins only edit this page, anyone edits this page=BAN!

Welcome to Anything wiki a nice wiki anyone can edit![]

The Anything Wiki is what you get when you mix video games, internet memes, and pop culture, and then a bunch of heroes try to document our fanfictional universe it all happens in. We mix canon stuff from wikis of friendly TV series, anime, and movies (Disney, Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon, LucasArts, Dreamworks), video games (Nintendo, Sega, Capcom, Bandai Namco, and Activision Blizzard), comic series, and other good stuff with fanfics. We don't do one of these adult cartoon shows (Such as the Simpsons, Family Guy, American Dad, King Of The Hill, Cleveland Show) . Under the authority of Captain 1, we pledge to create the interesting, canon, and fanfictional wiki ever and defeat Captain 0, the most evil of wiki mascots!


Youtube Rewind Minecraft Animation Indonesia 2019 = The Last Block =

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we document stuff the unanything wiki is too lazy to document

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captain 1's comment on wiki stats[]

"hi we need help here"-captain 1[]

welcome to anything

remember kids captain 1 loves you![]

this is bob's current suggestion[]

"Nicholas Cage those UnAnything & UnNothing workers because their lies, false info, and harassments."


Enemies (Ban List)[]

  • UnAnything wiki (They have lies that can upset good fictional characters. They also has dumb and annoying Page Creation Rules to threaten everything! WARNING! Those who visited the UnAnything Wiki will never return and will be killed by the UnAnything Team for vandalism or any abuse)
  • UnNothing wiki (This wiki is another UnAnything)
  • KMFStudios (aka AttackOfTheCatPeople69/AOTCP69, OneElevenOneElevenOne, and CeilingCatFan. Due to herself being a satire wanker, n-sane abuser, and an abusive psychopath)
  • TheRealDrillCat (banned for trolling newcomers of the UnAnything Wiki and calling people vandals, also banned for being satire, naive, hasty, and naughty, also ALSO banned for impersonating AttackOfTheCatPeople69)
  • DaTenthGate (banned for being a stupid and cringe-worthy sentai/vandal and under the control of TheRealDrillCat. However he stopped having interest in the UnAnything Wiki. DaTenthGate = Cringe... DATENTHGATE IS CRINGE! PLUS HE REPLACED PEOPLE'S ARTICLES WITH HIS BIASED ARTICLES)
  • DeeDaaDooDOS (banned for calling everything STRANGE! Plus, DeeDaaDooDOS is being a psychopath and called everything a sockpuppet due to a STRANGE was caught using too many alt accounts! The UnAnything Team is just lame you know)


  • Wikia/FANDOM (for being stupid and was too dumb to recognize FANDOM user's credentials)
  • The SOAP (aka VSTF for blocking innocent people)

Hot off the Anything Natural Newz[]

  • Have you ever heard of a fan-made website called Webkinz Insider? It was created by Thinknoodles, until he abandoned this and his other insiders. Thinknoodles haven’t checked his insiders for a long time (since Club Penguin Insiders was now unsafe, and Webkinz Insider has no new news). Today, it was defunct and closed down for retirement
  • Have you ever heard about MeepCity from Roblox? MeepCity used to be a good Roblox game. Sadly, it was hacked by Tubers93 (That was a YouTube Poop fan/enjoyer). Until Roblox and the creator of MeepCity decided to ban Tubers93 from Roblox for hacking MeepCity. It was inspired by Club Penguin and ToonTown
  • Have you ever heard of a weird and rejected Pokemon named Missingno? It was a glitch Pokemon that appeared in one of the old Pokemon Game Boy games (Such as Pokemon Red, Blue, Green, and Yellow) and was ever rejected from existence since an alternate universe (that has Lincoln Loud and Clyde McBride as Ace Savvy and One-Eyed Jack) that was rejected from existence due to the “Kings Of The Con” episode from The Loud House
  • Have you ever visited a restaurant called Forrest Gump? It also has a movie about Forrest Gump in his good life. Forrest Gump also has a pier with interesting rides that you’ll gonna have a great good ol’ time in Galveston, Texas
  • Have you ever seen CentaurWorld on Netflix?
  • Great newz! Bufosmixes has opened up a new VGM Mashup Community Hangout server. We hope you're a mashupper or a fan of fellow mashuppers
  • Bad newz! The UnAnything Wiki is about to reach 4300 pages. UGH! Those guys started a promotion and it was horrible! The worst of all, they're allowing a fanon article (We've thought that the UnAnything Wiki can't allow fanfics). Are they're allowing a fanon article based on the UnAnything Wiki or a fanon article based on other fictional series' fanfics. We the Anything Team allowing fanfictional stuff and still allow facts of fictional series and refused to allow false info of anything real and fictional! Some day, we will defeat the UnAnything Team and Captain 0. Their plans is to make the Anything Wiki suffer and perish in fear due to their lies
  • Mom! Phineas and Ferb made a news report on this issue!

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evil captain zero being evil as usual

horray oh right invasion-dave the discus fish -Tuesday, March 23, 2021