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this is a video on youtube.

The videoEdit

the video has a noob, called micheal P in the video's creator name. you can see his text on the top left corner. the video was made in roblox, which seems to be its old version, screams can be heard made by him in every point. he has a microphone. micheal P is playing a obby called OBBY FOR SUCC, it was made in 2009. but when it seems it's ending, a message that reads in bad grammar: aftr a feew minuts i got 2 teh end and saw ths inaproprite thing!!!1111.

then the noob goes to the dead person, narration: what is this? he tries to sit and the dead person gets cocksucked, along with a satanic scream.


Note: The video contains pornographic and sanity damaging content. Please do not watch if you are not 18.


  • He doesn't figure on how he misspelled the word place, and inappropriate.
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